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A summer day by a garden palace pool

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Our Pool Day Pass is an invitation to spend a day reclining, cooling and dipping in delightful refreshing surroundings. This invitation is extended throughout the summer, for guests to laze in the sun any day of the season, enjoying a breeze, the shade of an umbrella and the keen services of our pool team.

Enjoy the cold scented towels, clink of ice in a glass, crushed juices, citrus sorbets and the inviting blue of our mosaic pool. In this special invitation you will take pleasure of complimentary refreshments, alternatively you can choose a two course lunch on our terrace, which is a slow stroll through the garden palms.

Price at 600 MAD per person / approximately EUR 55 (from Monday to Saturday).
Contact and reservation by email: restaurant@palaisnamaskar.com or by phone +212 5 2429 9876.

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