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Moorish arches and tranquil pools are framed by the stark beauty of the Atlas Mountains

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imaad_rahmouniRenowned French-Algerian designer Imaad Rahmouni and creator Philippe Soulier are behind the exquisite design, which blends Moorish architecture with interiors of a calm sophistication. Commanding more than 12 acres of pristine seclusion, Palais Namaskar indulges guests with unrivalled spaciousness.

The principles of Feng Shui influenced the design, creating a harmonious balance between water, fire, wind, wood and metal for a truly soothing impression that helps all guests unwind. Pathways meander through scented Balinese-inspired gardens, seeming to float over the tributaries of a lake to link the rooms and residences. At night flickering lamplight plays on the palace walls.

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