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A temple of holistic rejuvenation

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The Spa Namaskar unveils an innovative spa menu in partnership with Aromatherapy Associates using organic and natural products. Offering new specific programmes – stress management, age prevention, ultimate rose pregnancy retreat, the Spa Namaskar is a haven of peace, of resourcing and discovery.

Each treatment is designed to create a true sensory experience and a deep connection between the individual, the therapist and the elements. The holistic use of all-natural ingredients further nourishes the body and the mind.


An invitation to wellbeing and relaxation
Hotel Marrakesh Spa resort


Palais Namaskar surrounds itself with the best specialists. In September 2014, a new 200 square-metre fitness center fitted with the latest generation of sports equipment was inaugurated, as well as several hectares of park equipped with the latest generation of sports facilities.

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With its calm and serene environment, peaceful lakes and green open spaces, the Palais Namaskar is the perfect place for yoga. Discover the harmony and natural positive energy of Palais Namaskar.