Let yourself be carried away by the vastness and the silence of the Sahara

Desert Experience

A night experience in the Sahara

A unique experience in the middle of nowhere. Luxury travels with you to your encampment in the desert dunes. Sip on sundowners in the Sahara, as you watch the romantic sunset. Look for the blue hour of twilight, which is how painters and photographers describe the short moments of sweet light after sundown. Dinner is served with some panache, expect white linen on the sand, then you can enjoy a rare and special evening, finally falling asleep under the stars of the hushed Sahara Desert. Sunrise is equally beautiful or continue your rest and enjoy a lazy morning with breakfast in front of your tent.


Enjoy the true silence of the Sahara Desert in this escapist lunch. Fly by helicopter above the Atlas Mountains to the South of Morocco and the beauty of the Kasbah and Oasis will be revealed from the sky. Then reach the end of the civilized world and enter the empty wildness of the desert. A camel ride will be followed by a traditional lunch in the Sahara before returning back to civilization.