Lunch is transformed into a beautiful escape in this gourmet garden

La Table

Every lunch time Palais Namaskar offers a new approach to fine cuisine. La Table is a gourmet garden oasis, surrounded by exotic scents and sounds, in the heart of the Palmeraie. Here lunch is transformed into a beautiful escape where guests ‘dip and dine’, enjoying the refreshing pool as a precursor to the epicurean pleasures.

Open Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00, La Table menu features combining crisp garden salads, artisan tarts and seasonal vegetables. From MAD 288 (approximately EUR 26), for a two-course menu.

La Table Menu
  • Medium Gallery Gaspacho d'Ananas
  • Medium Gallery Selle d'agneau kefta purée carotte cumin
  • Medium Gallery Bar de Ligne faon Chermoula asperge verte parmesan
  • Medium Gallery Buratta Di Bufalla poivron rouge marine menthe
  • Medium Gallery Melon Et Charcuterie

refreshing cuisine

The menu is light and enticing featuring seasonal produce from the chef’s garden in crisp exotically flavoured salads; while the simple is transformed into the exceptional such as the chef’s homemade pasta, farfalle with morels, and his Croque aux truffes.